Detroit Events Email You May Want

by tomlucier on March 30, 2011

I get an email from a couple in Detroit every month, I think…it might be weekly.

David and Kathleen Marcaccio put together a HUGE list of events, large and grassroots, that outlines just how bombastic the entertainment and event scene actually is in Detroit.

I’m going to post the list from this month/week, and give you the email if you’d like to subscribe and have this delivered to YOUR inbox every week/month. Email and tell them you’d like to be added to the Detroit events-list mailing.

It really is a great resource.

HERE’S THE LINK TO THE FILE, which is a massive word document. Amazing how much we have access to in Windsor.

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IGNITE Windsor

by tomlucier on December 27, 2010

Picture 10

Ignite is a high-energy evening bringing people who have an idea together to share stories and have fun. A 5 minute presentation is all you need to get your message out there. And it’s coming to Windsor…Phog to be more specific.

Allison Prieur is an inspired…fired-up gal in Windsor that is trying to cook something interesting up in this city…and I know it will be a huge success. We’re lucky to have someone like her in Windsor, making this kind of effort. We need to respond. We owe it to her. She put this list together, so you can participate. Beat that public-speaking-demon, or express a story you’ve been wanting to tell in a unique way for years. Here’s how.

What You Need:

A 5 minute presentation on a topic you are passionate about and 20 slides. The slides will advance automatically every 15 seconds. For ideas on why and how to do an Ignite presentation, check out this video by Scott Berkun (


It’s a great way to tell a story you’ve always wanted to tell. Have you gone on a trip that you think people would be interested in? Do you work on a project you wish people knew more about? Are you convinced that people would love your favourite game if they gave it a chance? Now you can talk to a captive audience.

Where & When?

Phog Lounge, 157 University Avenue West, Windsor

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 (during Global Ignite Week)
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Presentations begin at 8:00 PM

To Get Involved:

Send your idea and a blurb about yourself to Allison at by Monday, January 17. We’ll let you know by Friday, January 21 if you’ve been selected to present. Then you’ll send your presentation slides in by Wednesday, February 2.

For More Information:

Contact Allison at or check out the Ignite website ( for videos, info and other cities doing Ignites.

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Creative Placemaking Downtown Walk

by tomlucier on November 19, 2010

Picture 2

For an hour and a half after work on Tuesday, November 30, we’ll be walking around downtown Windsor and getting access to a variety of closed / vacant / underused spaces. Justin Langlois will be guiding it with Tom Lucier, and we’re hoping to have a lot of ambitious and excited people out with us. City-owned buildings, privately held storefronts, and cavernous bingo halls are all a part of our route, and you’re invited to join us in imagining a different downtown for our city — one with ample, affordable, and exciting spaces for artists, performers, musicians, and other creative-minded folks. We want to start a real conversation about what it would take to get these spaces filled with people who need them. We want to help give people a reason to be excited about being a practicing artist in this city again. We know that finding space needs to be at the top of that list, and we want to help.

This walk has been organized as part of the Artscape Creative Placemaking workshop being held on December 1st. Artscape, if you’re not already familiar with their work, has brought together and led numerous partners and stakeholders to realize massive studio and live/work retrofits of a variety of underused spaces in Toronto and figured out ways to make spaces for artists not only affordable, but integral to the surrounding neighbourhoods and economies. This walk has been something on our to-do list for a while and Artscape’s workshop just gave us the perfect excuse to do it.

Meet us at Phog Lounge at 5pm sharp. We’ll wind our way through the downtown core and head back to Phog for some food, drinks, and lots of conversation. We really want you to be there, let us know if you have any questions.

As an added bonus, here’s a link to the details of the big workshops to follow on Dec. 1st –

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Do The Math Food Challenge – Day 3

by tomlucier on November 4, 2010

Before I begin, I encourage you to listen to some of the other stories from some of the other participants in this challenge. Their stories are all being compiled at

Day 3 was about a warm breakfast, a cold lunch, and a huge hot dinner.

I dove into some more instant oatmeal in the morning, which assuaged my constant headache for about an hour. I had canned pears and tea for a pick-me-up.

My wife Jhoan’s birthday brought my 8 month old daughter and I to Ann Arbor for the day, where we cruised around, walked, shopped in cool boutique stores etc. One of the major things I was acutely aware of was the wonderful array of food options in downtown Ann Arbor. There’s so many great restaurants, cafes, and quick food stops! And I couldn’t partake in any of them. It was like a social torture. I was unable to eat with my wife and child. I had to eat Kraft Dinner (cold) from a container in the car while we were pulling into the city.

I staved off my hunger with water until much later in the evening when we returned home. I knew that I had a big can of pasta sauce waiting for me, and some spaghetti, so I was super-anxious to home. When it was cooking, I couldn’t help but dig into the pot while it was cooking.

The pasta was filling, with another piece of the olive-bread. Having the rest of the canned pears, and drinking the juice at the end was the luxury of the week thus far. I now have a can of tomato soup, mushroom soup, and baked beans left. There’s a bit of rice, and flour, and bread left…so I need to figure out how I’m going to eat all of it today. Tomorrow (Friday) is when we gather for a lunch that is far more nutritious and delicious…so I feel like eating everything left in my food-pack and skipping breakfast in lieu of the goodness ahead.

And even acknowledging that I get to step OUT of this food challenge brings guilt. The guilt is from the clear fact that people that are using food banks don’t get to step out of this cycle. They don’t get to “go back” to a normal, convenient, disposable food-life after the end of the week. I honestly don’t know how people can do it. Clearly, they’re far more resourceful and creative with their food than I’ve ever been, but it must be extraordinarily tough to do it day in and day out

I have a renewed sense of concern and solidarity with the folks that are suffering indignity, malnutrition, and poverty in Windsor and beyond.

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