Detroit Events Email You May Want

by tomlucier on March 30, 2011

I get an email from a couple in Detroit every month, I think…it might be weekly.

David and Kathleen Marcaccio put together a HUGE list of events, large and grassroots, that outlines just how bombastic the entertainment and event scene actually is in Detroit.

I’m going to post the list from this month/week, and give you the email if you’d like to subscribe and have this delivered to YOUR inbox every week/month. Email and tell them you’d like to be added to the Detroit events-list mailing.

It really is a great resource.

HERE’S THE LINK TO THE FILE, which is a massive word document. Amazing how much we have access to in Windsor.

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Jan 05.11.11 at 12:30 pm

Not a comment to this topic but you might find it interesting:
Buying local has a lots of local patriotism but is it green? That article makes you think. I like to buy local to get a good feeling but it seems that I should skip meat first to make a difference.
Greetings from Norway

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